You can’t help laughing.

The atmosphere at the dining table was unexpected. Ye Yu kept boasting that she was good-looking while eating. Cooking was delicious. Lin Ji and Fang... Read More

Cai Yuemeng sat down and smiled. "It’s a good thing for me to get a fire bead soul source. Everything can’t be forced."

Zhu Ling nodded and everyone stopped talking and moved on. Just arrived at the second foot and was about to enter the ancient soul source... Read More

As soon as the dragon Carl was busy, Lin Tianxie reached the attack. The leader of the magic dragon ordered a Gao Kanglong to sing all over magic dragon City.

Dragon clan! The magic dragon hierarch shouted in horror that his heart was pounding wildly. Even the dragon clan didn’t worry about it, but he... Read More

The old horse glanced at Jiang Yan and said that it was Xie Yiming’s strong request to remove the body seal early.

I just got such news when I got back to the ghost market. My grandmother and Jiang Yan are both talking about each other. I... Read More

One, "legs of fengshen", rolled up the wind and attacked its plate.

One, "Tian Shuang Quan", brought a burst of cold waves to the middle road. One is to transport the "Paiyunzhang" to conjure up the shape... Read More

Many sword marks immediately appeared the steel swallowing gold beast gold armor.

And the eye steel swallowing gold beast in addition to defense. Root can’t find the opportunity to attack. Xiaojian looks at this beast that can... Read More

"Seven steps, why are you here?"

"Ha, stop by and see the busy market here. I’ll stroll around." Seven steps into a corpse smiled and then pointed to the two beautiful... Read More

Jianghan pupil miniature decided to pull a face of weird Li Qiubai.

"Then thank you three predecessors!" Say Jianghan and Li Qiubai directly bypass the three men and go straight away! "You …!" The deaf face sank... Read More

Damn it, I’ll fuck you if I can’t!

Lin Tian evil heart make a determined effort to look back at the beauty demon face with a look of horror to see the beauty... Read More

"Su Ying, I feel that your method is just restrained by my method!"

Emperor Yu is also a contemporary. He immediately caught the difference between the two people’s minds from the blow just now. When his eyes lit... Read More